The 4G LTE Opportunity

In the waging competition to keep customers and maximize their lifetime value, connectivity and value added services are key.  In rural America, the logistics of delivering sufficient bandwidth in an affordable and timely manner are challenging.  In addition to Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), 4G LTE is an important strategic asset to any rural CSP.

Speed, capacity and connectivity are given benefits of 4G LTE mobile broadband, but the opportunity reaches far beyond this foundation.  Its innately flexible and extensible IP architecture yields limitless possibilities for creating unique bundled services that are specific to a customer’s use patterns and preferences, including the opportunity to turn Over the Top (OTT) providers from competitors to partners.  With the advent of Rich Communications Services (RCS) and the ability to support multiple users across multiple devices, 4G LTE creates a quality of experience that will grow customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities.

Alliance membership speeds time-to-profit in deploying LTE, and in the race for the customer, time is of the essence and it’s important to consider every advantage.