Let our experience shape yours.

Never before has the path of a rural Communications Service Provider (CSP) been so challenging or ripe for change. Decreases in government support, increasing competition and growing consumer demand for broadband are pressuring the rural CSP business model like no other time in history.  The challenge is magnified due to lack of population density in the geographies they serve and in the lack of scale they have as a single and often small carrier.

Recognizing the opportunity driven by consumer demand for anywhere, always-on broadband communication, many CSPs strategically acquired wireless spectrum and evaluated deploying 4G LTE to serve that demand. The question they faced was how to do that effectively and profitably in today’s challenging environment. The answer: by not going it alone.

With Independence laying at the very foundation of American society, the NetAmerica Alliance was formed with the mission to allow independent carriers to deliver on the promise of 4G LTE while still staying independent.

In alliance with our Members, together we’re taking customers and communities across the next communications frontier. We have the programs, services, infrastructure, capabilities, and personnel in place to allow you to optimize your 4G LTE experience and that of your customers.

Our many Members are entering their second year  of commercial service—delivering on the promise of successfully bringing 4G LTE to their rural communities and NetAmerica has the experience to help you do the same.  Our Members work together for their individual and collective success and are experiencing the power of being an Alliance Member. 

If you are a rural CSP and want to remain independent while controlling your own destiny then let our experience shape yours.