Becoming a Member

The NetAmerica Alliance is a democratic, peer-to-peer union of independent Communications Service Providers (CSP) joining forces to secure the future of rural America.  Alliance Members retain complete independence and sovereignty over their service areas, assets and licenses.  Members own their local network; they own the wireless spectrum, and they own the customers.  We simply handle the hard to do “scale oriented” functions that any single carrier would have difficulty doing or funding on its own. 

Together, the Alliance yields tremendous economies of scale by leveraging the power of “strength in numbers”.  This model provides expanded resources, shared best practices and harnesses the power of the 4G LTE infrastructure already established and successfully operating for Alliance Members.

Joining the NetAmerica Alliance removes barriers to entry by minimizing the diverse risks inherent in planning, deploying, marketing and supporting a next-gen mobile broadband network.  Participation empowers rural CSPs to launch service with agility and speed while strategically leveraging the Alliance’s tools, capabilities, programs and infrastructure.

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