Running a 4G Network

CSPs are faced with a myriad of choices when determining how to implement, manage and monetize their wireless spectrum.  For most rural CSPs, the costs associated with owning their own IMS core, investing in the operational tools to bring their network online, hiring skilled resources, and navigating the complex systems integration, are simply too great.  For many independent providers, a hosted solution becomes a viable option, but this scenario also has many important considerations.

The majority of hosted solutions simply allow for cost sharing of the 4G LTE core.  While this eliminates a significant CAPEX investment, it fails to address the required Operational Support Systems (OSS) and programs required to successfully launch and run a 4G LTE network.  While technology hosting provides the CSP with a powerful engine, it lacks the driver and navigation systems required to bring the engine to life and move the car down the road.  A complete solution is required and that is what NetAmerica delivers to our Members. Our hosted core includes not only the necessary 4G LTE networking elements but the operational tools necessary to make it run.

NetAmerica knows 4G LTE.  With more than half-a-dozen successful networks up and running, we provide the infrastructure, experience, programs and tools needed to mitigate risk and accelerate launch.  The Alliance model leverages our world-class IMS core, OSS, SuperCenter NOC services, planning programs, marketing, branding and peer-to-peer best practices that ensure a true and comprehensive solution. 

NetAmerica stands ready to partner with our Members through each step of planning, launch and ongoing operation.  Let our experience shape yours.