Technology Solutions

We have built and brought online a multimillion-dollar, carrier-class IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Powered SuperCenter™. Housed in a world-class data center, the facility streamlines migration of Members' networks and facilitates delivery of revenue-generating premium services and applications. As part of the SuperCenter, expert staff in our Network Operations Center provide 24/7 network monitoring to ensure Alliance Members not only deliver great services, but provide great customer service.

From Operations to Revenue

The NetAmerica model is unique in that we provide a complete technical solution that includes hosting the 4G LTE core as well as the Operational Support System (OSS) needed to deliver service and measure performance. Many other hosting providers simply offer a connection into their hosted core, leaving the local service provider to provide, implement and navigate its own OSS. Or, they provide a rudimentary OSS system severely lacking in capability and performance.

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Our NOC / SuperCenter™

NetAmerica's SuperCenter is an elite, multimillion-dollar 4G LTE core—fully IMS capable. It is engineered to simplify and fast-track delivery of Members' 4G LTE service to their communities. Our model allows rural CSPs to protect their future and remain competitive by distributing the cost of a core network investment—leveraging the Alliance's economies of scale to stay ahead of technology and generate new revenue.

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Running a 4G Network

CSPs are faced with a myriad of choices when determining how to implement, manage and monetize their wireless spectrum. For most rural CSPs, the costs associated with owning their own IMS core, investing in the operational tools to bring their network online, hiring skilled resources, and navigating the complex systems integration, are simply too great. For many independent providers, a hosted solution becomes a viable option, but this scenario also has many important considerations.

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