Capital Leasing

As part of NetAmerica’s mission to help independent carriers mitigate the risks associated with building and operating 4G LTE wireless networks, we realize that one of the key elements is access to towers and capital for building out associated network infrastructure.  We have partnered with a number of tower companies and leasing companies to provide our Alliance Members with flexible options to obtain tower space and finance the build-out of critical components in their networks.

Operating Leases for Towers

NetAmerica has relationships with several tower leasing companies. These companies can assist Alliance Members in the planning and constructing of their networks by:

  • Leasing space on their towers
  • Build-to-suit and lease-back of space on new towers
  • Purchasing Member owned towers and leasing space back to the Member to provide a source of capital for network build-out
  • Conducting a search for needed towers within search rings provided by the Member

In addition to our tower program, we are developing relationships with other funding sources to aid our Members with financing options for their initial 4G LTE network build or with network expansion plans. That program is structured as a capital lease.

Capital Leases for Equipment

Members interested in this program work with NetAmerica on the formulation of a business case, an important component of any capital leasing program. NetAmerica works with the Alliance Member and the leasing company through the evaluation period. This ensures all parties have the required information and analysis to make a decision and execute an agreement structured to satisfy all parties.

Equipment included in the capital leasing arrangement could include:

  • Cell site equipment
  • Converged Packet Gateway and other central switching equipment
  • Routers, Media Gateways
  • Customer Premises Equipment

In general, the costs to engineer and install the equipment may be included in the capital cost of the equipment and therefore eligible for financing. Any ongoing operational expenses would not be eligible for funding as part of this program. The lease term is typically tied to the depreciable life of the assets and the title for the leased asset transfers back to the Member at the end of the lease term.

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