Wireless Local Loop

In the waging competition to keep customers and maximize their lifetime value, connectivity is key.  In rural America, the logistics of delivering sufficient bandwidth in an affordable and timely manner are challenging.  In addition to Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), 4G LTE is an important addition to a network strategy.

The NetAmerica Alliance enables Members to harness the power of 4G LTE to create a “Wireless Local Loop” (WiLL) that speeds delivery of high-quality, high-bandwidth connectivity to existing and expanded service areas.  This crucial solution serves to secure existing customers as Tier 1 service providers expand their offerings into rural regions.  Many Members are offering voice and data over a 4G LTE Wireless Local Loop in their ILEC area as part of their fulfillment of the National Broadband Plan.

With WiLL they not only meet their data broadband requirements, but by offering voice over the local loop they are able to put this in the rate base and get recoveries on it, just as they have with copper plant over the years.  But, by using a Wireless Local Loop they forgo loop maintenance expense and stranded physical plant.  If a customer moves, simply move the customer premises equipment to a new location.

In addition, WiLL is extremely cost effective for a CLEC or edge-out strategy, not only economically but in speed to market as well.  With the Operational Tool set we deliver to Members, they are able to have revenue generating service up within an hour of a 4G LTE tower going live.

Wireless local loop speeds time to profit.  Alliance Members are leveraging this solution to transform spectrum license from a dormant asset to a critical first step in establishing a 4G footprint and foundation for future service.