Business Solutions

Belonging to the NetAmerica Alliance mitigates the business risks faced by independent carriers in building out and deploying 4G LTE service. With a focus on helping Members drive revenue, manage cost, and deliver service, we provide scale where it is needed, cost savings where they are demanded, and arm our Members with the tools necessary to profitably market and sell 4G LTE mobile broadband service.

We accomplish this by providing buying power, branding, marketing and sales programs, applications, and advanced services development. Members run the network in their own service areas, while NetAmerica provides the critical mass and economies of scale needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

SMART Delivers the Future to Rural America

Research has shown that rural consumers have the same needs, desires and demands for mobile broadband services as their metropolitan counterparts. However, rural carriers have been unable to deliver a 4G LTE mobile broadband experience to their communities.

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Wireless Local Loop

In the waging competition to keep customers and maximize their lifetime value, connectivity is key. In rural America, the logistics of delivering sufficient bandwidth in an affordable and timely manner are challenging. In addition to FTTH and Digital Subscriber Line, 4G LTE is an important addition to a network strategy.

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Branding and Marketing

One of the single greatest advantages an independent rural CSP has, is the fact that they truly know their customer, and are able to create services that are geographically and demographically relevant to that customer. In light of this fact, they can "out-service" any national Tier 1 service provider. But, branding and marketing are significant to achieving success.

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Business Case & Deployment Planning

Comprehensive Business Case and Deployment Plans are critical considerations when evaluating the 4G LTE opportunity and mitigating associated financial risk. It's crucial for a CSP to understand what the business model looks like, what the key drivers are within the financial model and how to drive revenue and while controlling cost.

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Member Activation Program

Once independent CSP's become Alliance Members, comprehensive planning and program management practices are instantly initiated to fast-track success. This Member Activation Program (MAP) is intended to accelerate implementation and coordinate all activities needed from equipment ordering through deployment and service delivery.

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